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The Mobile Academy always changes location,
time and theme, maintaining a consistent
intensity and a growing sense of doubt.

A Project by Hannah Hurtzig with changing collaborators.

Blackmarket, Warsaw 2005
Photo: Basia Welbel

Why Talk to Animals


Blackmarket Jaffa

The Museum: Live-Dialogue No. 1


Flight Case Archive


Blackmarket - Berlin March 2007
Photo: Fabian Larsson

Blackmarket - Warsaw 2005
Photo: Basia Welbel

Blackmarket - Berlin, 2005
Photo: Jürgen Baumann

Fakelore - Berlin 2004
Photo: Helmut Höge

The Refugee - Services rendered to Undesirables. Berlin 2002
Madjiguène Cissé and Percy MacLean
Photo: Thomas Aurin


Hannah Hurtzig talks about the Blackmarket for Useful Knowldege and Non-Knowledge

relaunch of the audio-archive with over 1000 talks:



The Milieu of the Dead, Part 2: Absences
The Afterlife of Slavery and the Gaps in the Archive
4 & 5 December, 2017, St. Elisabeth-Kirche, Berlin

Milieu of the Dead. Film programme
30 November, December 1 & 2, 2017

The Milieu of the Dead. Part 1: the Proposition
MAY 26 & 27 2017, Berlin, silent green




Archive of the Undead (Film library of the congress)

Blackmarket-Archiv (Sound archiv of the blackmarkets)


Archive of the Undead

Flight Case Archive


Encyclopedia (Blackmarkets 2005 - 2012)

All Experts, Lecturers, Scouts and Silhouettes 1999-2012



The Immobilized, or Salle des Pas Perdus.
JUNE 6 & 7 2017, Hamburg, Theater der Welt

Dialogues from the Darkroom.
An Apparatus to Animate Lost and Blackened-Out Texts

Novosibirsk, Siberia, May 2016

Why Talk to Animals.
A Trilogy by Mobile Academy Berlin

Part1: The Conference Prague, May 2015
Part 2: The Shooting, Pilsen, September 2015
Part 3: The Product: Wallpaper, Prague / Berlin, February 2016

An Ecology of the Dead.
La Bienniale du Lyon, September - January 16

At the Table - Narratives on the Technological, the Imagined, and the Dead Body
São Paulo, December 2015

Eternity. A Conference with practical Exercises and Training Instructions for Hallucination
An obstacle course in six stations

Braunschweig, Friday, 24th of April 2015

Last Minute Exercise
New Dehli, INSERT 2014

Interface and adapter issues
Bauhaus Dessau, 2013

BrainLinks-BrainTools, Freiburg, 2013

The Milieu of the Dead
Secession, Wiener Festwochen, 2013

Die Untoten - Life Siences & Pulp Fiction
Kampnagel, Hamburg, 2011

On the Scene of Intimacy
Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin 2009

The Waiting Hall. Scenes of Modernity
Taipeh Bienniale 2012



Hamburg, October 2016

Paris, November 2015

Basel, June 2015

Riga 5th of April 2014

Bern, September 2012


Turku, Oktober 2011

Dresden, March 2010

Jaffa, September 2009

Liverpool, November 2008

Vienna, May 2008

Graz, September 2007

Istanbul, September 2007

Berlin, March 2007

Berlin, November 2006

Berlin, April 2006

Warsaw, August/September 2006

Warsaw, October 2005

Berlin, May 2005

Hamburg, April 2005



Licence Nr. 5: Madrid, Juni 2012

Licence No. 4 kunstfortasperen, June 2011

Licence No. 3 Mannheim, June 2009

Licence No. 2 Freiburg, April 2009

Licence No. 1 Graz, October 2007


Studios of the Blackmarket at Dresden

The Studio of the Blackmarket 04
6th of June 2012

The Studio of the Blackmarket 03
Dresden, 29th of April 2011

The Studio of the Blackmarket 02
Dresden, 4th of February 2011

The Studio of the Blackmarket 01
Dresden, 5th of November 2010


Talk -Installations

KIOSK for Useful Knowledge

Shadow Play for a Dialogue Duo
Liverpool, 29.11.2008

Night Lesson No 1: Joseph Vogl: On Hesitation
manifesta7, Italien, 19.07. - 01.11. 2008

Art into Theatre - Theatre into Art
HAU, 1st - 16th November

Future Perfect Advice Bureau
HAU, June 2008

Private Advice
A condensed mini-training program for 1 Euro

Building Project - Sketches for a City of Keywords
since 2005

The Refugee. Services rendered to Undesirables
Berlin 2002

Information Retrieval, Dialogues on Archiving
London 2001

Department For Temporary Memory
Hamburg 2000


Mobile Academies

The Copycat Academy - Second edition, Toronto 2015
A weeklong master class with an absent master

The Copycat Academy, Toronto 2014
A weeklong master class with an absent master

Mobile Academy: Warsaw 2006
Ghosts, Spectres, Phantoms and the Places
Where They Live

Mobile Academy: Berlin 2004
FAKELORE - Constructions and Inventions
of Urban Folklore

Mobile Academy: Berlin 2002
THE REFUGEE: Services Rendered to Undesirables

Mobile Academy: Bochum 1999
A Meeting Place of Theatre, Field Work and Philosophy
on Post-Industrial Terrain



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