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Mobile Academy Berlin 2004 is a
project by Hannah Hurtzig and Hebbel am Ufer in cooperation with Akademie der Künste. Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfond.

Scholarships: THEOREM (European association supported by the program Culture 2000 of the European Union) + LOGO und Open
Society Institute Tadschikistan,
Soros Foundation Moldavien,
Muzeum Ljubljana

With kind support from:
Pro Helvetia (swiss culture founda-
tion), Goethe Instituts of Accra /
Ghana, Moscow / Russia and
Munich (central office) as well as the
Ilkhom Theatre School of Drama,


Review 2004

The Mobile Academy: Berlin 2004 hosted 130 participants from 46 countries. We had 28 presentations and 30 city tours, we heard 22 originally composed love songs in this period.

We had a different national meal every night, we all communicated in broken English and asked ourselves the question: What kind of language was it (and what did it sound like) that our colleagues spoke before the tower of Babel fell and we were separated from each other once and for all?

a visuel look back: mobileacademy 2004 (quicktimemovie 33MB)
(its the same film as on the site "documentation", store the film on your computer first and then enjoy)

The filmcours was producing 6 advertising spots dealing with the german nation. They are avaible on DVD at Mobile Academy.

an auditory look back: BE MINE Love Song CD by Alejandra Salinas / Aeron Bergman ( composed fromiInterviews and songs gathered at the Mobile Akademy Berlin 2004.

examples from the cd in mp3:

ji-hyun a christian korean living in amsterdam sings a korean love song (1MB)

hannah loves the simple sad beauty of a patsy cline tune (1 MB)

aeron´s (typical) confession and ongoing love story (1MB)

bernard as a kid in ghana, loving through language (2MB)