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The Blackmarket Knowledge is offered in the following languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian

Invisible Knowledge

Magdalena Chechlinska, Ph.D. at the Department of Immunology, Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology
Cytokines: Means of Communication Between Cells and More

Prof. Dr. Przemyslaw Czaplinski, Historian of Contemporary Literature
Invisible Network. The Circulation of Books in the Polish Society

Michal Libera, Sociologist, Organizer of Improvised Music Concerts and Journalist
The Role of Air in Social Communication

Slawomir Piotrowski, Anthropologist and Culture Animator
'Minki', 'Miganka', 'Pukanka' (Faces, Signs and Knocking): Non-Verbal Ways of Secret Communication in Prison

Anna Spryszynska, Teacher and Interpreter of Sign Language
Choose Your Sentence of the Day, Translate, Rehearse and Express it in Sign Language (A Practical Exercise)

Zenon Iwanowski, Psychologist, Psychoanalyst
How to Stay Awake in a Dream, How to Dream in Reality? Practical Advice on Dreaming Techniques

Arkadiusz Tabero, Philosophy Ph.D. and Hatha Yoga Teacher at "Joga Foksal"
Yoga of Dreaming. About Practicing Tibetan Yoga, Which Teaches You How to Achieve Lucid Dreaming (I Know I'm Dreaming)Feeling

Mikolaj Grynberg, Photographer and Ex-Psychologist
What You Can't See but Feel in a Photo

Aleksandra Konieczna, Theatre Director
Murder with Velvet Gloves: Psychological Violence in the Family. On the book Stalking the Soul: Emotional Abuse and the Erosion of Identity by Marie France Hirigoyen (1998)

Zygmunt Miloszewski, Journalist and Author
Sex, Fear and Rock'n Roll - The Joy of Frightening other People and Being Scared (And Why We Can't Live Without It)

Catherine Blondeau, Cultural Attaché in the French Embassy
Invisible Tricks in French Cooking

Gabriele Lesser, Writer, Historian and Editor
The Phantom of the Nation - A Community Made of Will, Blood or Culture?

Kazimierz Malinowski, Journalist and Farmer
1. Intellectuals Seduced by Nazis on the Example of "Triffles for ?a Massacre" by Luis Ferdinand Céline (1937)
2. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Concerning the Final Solution of the ?Jewish Case. Example of Adolf Eichmann

Maja Ostaszewska, Actress
How to Become Dea Loher's 'Klara' in Two Months: Acting Techniques

Kacper Raczkowski, Hairdresser
Your Ideal Haircut - I Can Make It Visible. Counseling and Cutting

Dr. Joanna Tokarska-Bakir, Cultural Anthropologist
The Polish Book of the Dead. How It Would Look Like, if It Would Have Been Written.

Jan Gondowicz, Archeologist of Meanings
'Cryptozoology' from 'Ahuizotl' to 'Zdzieblarz': Imaginary Fauna in Literature

Dr. Vernier Kusmirowski, Dr. of Catholic Anatomy
The Ornament of Anatomy

Jewish Past and Present
Anka Grupinska, Author and Director of the Project 'Witness of the Jewish Century' in Poland
Invisible Jews Around

Malgorzata Rittersschild, Painter and Jewish Family Archivist
The Only Three Males of My Jewish Family Saved From Being Forgotten

Dr. Bozena Uminska, Poet, Writer and Publicist
Jewish Conspiracies in Polish Society - A Never Ending Story

Dariusz Czaja, Ph.D., Cultural Anthropologist, Jagiellonian University
Anatomy of the Soul

Maciej Karpinski, Writer and Scriptwriter
The Invisible Link Between the Movie and the Spectator. On the Example of' "Citizen Kane" by Orson Welles (1941)

Pawel Lozinski, Documentarian
What You Don't See on Screen - The Making Of (And Showing) of the Film 'The Sisters' (Pawel Lozinski, 1999)

Michal Palka, Cameraman and Filmmaker
You See Not Only What Is Inside the Frame - The Creation of Atmosphere in Movies

Malgorzata Skaryszewska, Beautician
1. How to Avoid Reminding a Zombie: Cosmetic Advice on Your Personal Condition
2. How to Look 20 Years Older in 30 Minutes - Done by Make-Up or a Lifting Mask

Ewa Toniak, Feminist Art Critic and Art Historian
Hysteria and Falling Chandeliers or: What Cannot be Seen in the Film "The Fever" by Agnieszka Holland (1980)

Joanna Zielinska, Artist
Are You Sure You See What You See? Manipulation Strategies

Oskar Dawicki, Artist
On Active Absence

Jacek Skolimowski, Music Journalist and Radio Moderator
Voice without Body

Edwin Bendyk, Journalist and Publicist of "Polityka" Magazine
Trillions of Dollars Change Place Every Day. On the Circulation of Global Capital

Agata Kalabarczyk, Make-Up Artist Working for Fashion Magazines like "Elle", "Twój Styl", "Uroda"
The Spooky Side of Your Beauty: How Make-Up Becomes a Weapon

Joanna Piotrowska, WenDo Trainer, Author of Internet Feminist Bookshop 'Feminotheque', Co-Organizer of Female Festival 'Mia100Kobiet', working at OSKa (National Women's Information Center)
Violence Against Women in Poland

Slawomir Sierakowski, Editor in Chief of "Krytyka Polityczna"
Invisible Borders of Freedom and Censorship

Magdalena Chechlinska, Ph.D. at the Department of Immunology, Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology
Cancer Cells: What Makes Them So Expansive?

Jerzy Siwiec, Psychiatrist
Your Personal Ghost Story on Demand - Invented in 30 Minutes from Scratch

Jan Gondowicz, Archeologist of Meanings
Turning the World Up-Side-Down. 'Pataphysics' by Alfred Jarry: The General Conception of Everything

Maciej 'Magura' Góralski, Music Journalist, Ethnopunk Musician, Poet, DJ and Buddhist Scholar
Buddha in Everyday Life

Anna Litkie, Neurophysiologist and Body-Work Therapist, Graduated from the International School of Shiatsu and the International School for Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in Switzerland
1. Cranio-Sacral Techniques: The Invisible Work on the Body
2. The Body Memory: Connections between Body, Mind and Soul

Arkadiusz Tabero, Philosophy Ph.D. and Hatha Yoga Teacher at "Joga Foksal"
Yoga-'Exorcisms': Body Ghosts, Unknown Emotions, Psychical Wraiths, Ghosts of Spirits and How to Integrate, Tame and Banish them in Practising Yoga

Jagoda Wladon, Vice-President of Monar, Therapist for Drug Addicted and Leader of Therapeutic Community
1. Everything about Therapy with Drug Addicts
2. The Invisible Work of Monar

Urban Space
Krzysztof Cibor, Culture Anthropologist and Editor of "(Op.cit.,)" Magazine
Public Debate about Space Consumption in Warsaw: Between Zombies and Vampires

Lukasz Gorczyca, Art Critic and Founder of Raster Gallery
Non-Places. Invisible Architecture in Warsaw

Marcin Majewski, Sociologist and Animator of Alternative Culture
Anti-Clubbing. Animation of Cultural Suburbs

Jaroslaw Suchan, Custodian and Art Critic
Invisible Gallery



Unknown Knowledge

Dorota Jaslan, Career Consultant at the 'Center for Women Promotion Foundation' and 'IMC Kariera', Personal Activity Trainer at "Strategia Consulting"
How to Work on Your Professional and Personal Development. Career Consulting.

Ryszard Malarski, World Bank Consultant
Advantages and Positive Role of Blackmarkets in the Polish Economy

Jan Jakub Michalek, Professor of Economics
1. Integration vs. Globalization
2. Frequent Misconceptions While Interpreting International Trade Issues

Bogna Swiatkowska
How to Successfully Run a Cultural Organization When You Have Almost No Money. Powerpoint Presentation

Minze Tummescheit, Documentarian
On Grey Markets - Informal Trading on the 'Jarmark Europa'

Ewa Charkiewicz, Activist and Academic Researcher with Interest in Theorizing on Power, Ecology and Feminism as Social Movements and New Social Critiques
Feminist Economics

Anka Czerwinska, Activist and Feminist, working at OSKa (National Women's Information Center) and "Porozumienie Kobiet 8 Marca"
Feministic Grandmothers: Forgotten History of the Feminist Movement in Poland

Teresa Oleszczuk, Graphic Designer at "Res Publica Nowa" and Practicing Feminist
Feminism of Housewives: Practical and Theoretical Advices

- Conducting
Szymon Wyrzykowski, Conductor of the Choir "Allegrezza del Canto"
Discover Your Unknown Talent in Conducting

- Hip Hop
Bruno Jasienski, Graduated Elementary Music School in Drum Class, Interested in Music generally
Hip-Hop - A Subculture in Poland and All Over the World

- Jewish
Raphael Roginski, Composer and Musician, Working in the Field of Improvised, Folk, Jewish, Electronic, Theater and Film Music
A Short History of Jewish Music and its Culture, Presence and Development Today

- Listening 1
Grzegorz "Sorbee" Sorbiani, Musician, DJ, Member of 'Tam Tam' and 'Paansori' Project
The Art of Listening - With Three Examples of Unknown Music

- Listening 2
Piotr Dominski, Sound Designer and Sound Director of TR Warszawa
'Below Words' - Experience the Possibilities of Sound Design. On the Example of "Festen" and "4.48 Psychosis" by TR Warszawa

- Rock
Maciej 'Magura' Góralski, Music Journalist, Ethnopunk Musician, Poet, DJ and Buddhist Scholar
How to Be a Rockstar in Everyday Life

- Singing
Dorota Kozinska, Publicist and Music Critic, Trained in Traditional Vocal Techniques
Wake Up Your Voice: Try Unknown Vocal and Breathing Techniques in Ancient and Folk Music

- Surconventionalist
Pawel Mykietyn, Composer
What is 'Surconventionalism' in the Music of the Composer Pawel Szymanski?

Jaroslaw Lipszyc, Journalist, Poet and Copyleft Movement Activist
Copyleft: Another Strategy for Creativity in Arts

Ewa Majewska, Feminist Philosopher and Activist
A Brief History of the Anti-Globalization Movement in Poland

The Other Side
Jerzy Siwiec, Psychiatrist
Getting People Back from the Other Side: The Comparison of My Work as an Anaesthetist and Psychiatrist

Joanna Galaj, President of the Association of Volunteers Against AIDS "Be with Us"
Women with HIV in Poland. Let's Talk about Safe Sex

School of Thought
Pawel Althamer, Artist
Intuition as a Working Method

Ewa Charkiewicz, Activist and Academic Researcher with Interest in Theorizing on Power, Ecology and Feminism as Social Movements and New Social Critiques
"The Factory" Project: Death at the Heart of Transition

Maciej Gutkowski, Entrepreneur
What is Identity? The Integral Vision of Human Development According to Ken Wilber

Cecylia Wielgoradesz, Fortune-Teller
How to Read Cards

Redbad Klynstra, Actor and Theatre Director
New Types of Masculinity: Intuition and Associative Thinking (Only Men Allowed!)

Aleksandra Polisiewicz, Artist
'Wartopia' - Sandbox Warsaw: Reconstruction of the Destruction

Dr. Andrzej Zimniak, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Academic Researcher, Writer and Publicist
1. How Mankind is Going to Die: Two of the Most Attractive Possibilities.
2. The Way to the Universe: Terraforming of Planets or Cosmoforming of Men?

- African
Catherine Blondeau, Cultural Attaché in the French Embassy
Chatting with Ghosts and Spirits from the Contemporary African Literature

- Anonymous
Jakub Janiszewski, Journalist at Radio TOK FM
First Publication of Anonymous Letters to a Radio Journalist. From the Years 1999 - 2005

- Decodable
Piotr Pazinski, Editor-in-Chief of "Midrasz" Magazine
Unknown Ways of Reading James Joyce "Ulysses" (1922)

- Emblematic
Wawrzyniec Sztark, Lecturer at 'Warsaw Humanist University'
Emblematical Reading of the Pastoral Drama "Faithful Shepherd" by Giovanni Battista Guarini (1590)

- Mathematical
Piotr Rypson, Art Critic and Literature Historian
The Word Machine: On Hidden Mathematical Structures in Poetry and Language

- Polish
Jacek M. Dobrowolski, Writer and Philosopher
The Secret History of the Newest Polish Literature

Kinga Dunin, Publicist and Author
Does Polish Literature Exist?

- Sacred
Rafal 'Lenin' Nowakowski, Poet, Performer and Musician
On Sacred Letters: Khabbala, Hieroglyphs, Runes and the Ogham Alphabet

- Translated
Stefanie Peter, Ethnologist, Journalist and Artistic Director of ?'Büro Kopernikus'
A Crashcourse for Poles on the German Expression 'Geist' ?with All its Connotations


Ghostly Knowledge

Kornel Miglus, Filmmaker, based in the Polish Institute Berlin
On Silence and Talking: Poland-Germany, 1981-2005

Dr. Konrad T. Lewandowski, Chemist, Philosopher and Writer
The Mysterious Potion of Dr. Jekyll: How to Transform a Man into a Demon or an Angel. On the Metaphysics of Poison and Drugs

Jan Mioduszewski, Painter
101 Examples of Bad Taste in our Homes and Environment. Choose a Card and See!

Bogna Swiatkowska
Satisfying Non-Existent Needs - How to Read Magazines & Newspapers.

Dr. Jacek Wasilewski, Scriptwriter and Language Researcher
Domination, Triumph, Violence - The Masculine Ghost in the Structure of Polish Language

Katarzyna Wielga, Theatre Scholar, Curator for Theatre and Dance at the Adam Mickiewicz Institute
Exorcising Ghosts and Vampires According to Heiner Müller

Anna Baumgart, Visual Artist
Ecstatic, Hysterical and Other Saintly Ladies

Marcin Cecko, Poet and Photographer
Fragments of an Unknown Teaching - Georg Iwanowicz Gurdijew, One of The Great Mystics of the 20th Century

Wiktoryn Grabczewski, Owner of a Private Museum of Polish Devils "Przedpielke"
The Polish Devil 'Boruta'

Barbara Smolen, Polish Literature Historian, Editor of "Teksty Drugie" and Teacher
Wraith, Vampire, Lamia or Succubus? The Connections Between Ghosts, Monsters and Women

Jacqueline Sobiszewski, Light Designer, Director of Fotography
What Makes a Ghost Real and Believable. With Examples from Film and Theatre

Krzysztof Warlikowski, Director
Let`s Talk about our Dibbuks

Vita Welakeviciute, Documentarian
The Refugee as Contemporary Figure of a Ghost

Diana Dyjak Montes de Oca, Artist and Explorer
Would you Like to Wear a Different Skin? Enter New Territories and Explore New Borders. Practical Fitting and Discussion

Dr. Michal Herer, Philosopher
Invisible Connections between Philosophy, Art and Politics. On Gilles Deleuze

Malgorzata Szczesniak, Stage Designer
Transformation of Objects on Stage

Agnieszka Zawadowska, Stage Designer
The Universe of Female Images through the Centuries. With Examples

Anna Sanczuk, Journalist, Editor in the TV Channel "Europa, Europa" and Co-Author of the Book "Warsaw-Looking for the Center"
The Hidden City. Why The Real Taste Of Warsaw Is Hidden Under Its Surface?

Bartek Chacinski, Journalist of "Przekroj" weekly, Author of "Wypasiony slownik najmlodszej polszczyzny" and "Wyczesany slownik najmlodszej polszczyzny"
On Appearance and Disappearance of New Words in the 90's

Paulina Kwiatkowska, Film Theoretician and Literature Critic, Editor of ‚Orgia Mysli'
Zombie of Romanticism - Anti-Romantic Revolution in the Contem-porary Polish Literature and Film


Ghost Library
Every expert represents a book or a film, which deals with ghostly aspects. If you don`t know the book/ film the experts will effortlessly retell its content from memory in 30 minutes, if you do, you might even have a conversation or debate.

Tomasz Brzozowski, Publisher of "Swiat Literacki", Bookseller and Owner of "Czuly Barbarzynca"
1. Retelling the Book "Invisible Cities" by Italo Calvino (1972)
2. Retelling the Book "The Nonexistent Knight" by Italo Calvino (1959)

Magdalena Cielecka, Actress
Retelling the Film "Irreversible" by Gaspar Noé (2002)

Pawel Dunin-Wasowicz, Editor In Chief of "Lampa" magazine
Retelling the Book "Demon Ruchu" ("Demon of Movement") by Stefan Grabinski (1922)

Beata Gawarecka, Finance & Administration Manager at Kornferry Warsaw, Psychologist and Neighbour
Retelling the Book "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor E. Frankl, 1946

Grzegorz Jarzyna, Artistic Director of TR Warszawa
Retelling of the Film "Dracula" by Tod Browning (1931)

Katarzyna Jaskiewicz, Intuitive Art Performer and Actress
Retelling the Book "Death and Dying. Tibetan tradition" edited by Jacek Sieradzan (1994)

Dr. Justyna Jaworska, Culture Anthropologist
Retelling the Book "Tristes Tropiques" by Claude Lévi-Strauss (1955)

Dr. Jaroslaw Klejnocki, Writer and Philologist
1. Retelling the Book "Intercom" by Zygmunt Miloszewski, 2005
2. Retelling the Book "Phantoms in the City Breslau" by Marek Krajewski (2005)

Dr. Marek Kochan, Writer
Retelling of the Book 'Piotru´s' by Leo Lipski (1960)

Magda Mosiewicz, Co-Chairperson of the Polish Green Party "Zieloni 2004"
Retelling the Best Unknown Novel on Poland: "Don't Believe Anyone" by Andrzej Czycz (1987)

Jacek Poniedzialek, Actor
Retelling the Film 'Matrix' by Andy & Larry Wachowski (2002)

Stefanie Peter, Ethnologist, Journalist and Artistic Director of 'Büro Kopernikus'
Retelling the Film "The Fearless Vampire Killers" by Roman Polanski (1967)

Beata Stasinska, Chief Editor of "W.A.B" Publishing House
Retelling the Book "Auto da Fé" by Elias Canetti (1935)


without Category

Dorota Maslowska, Writer
Short Course on How to Sew the Polish Flag Badly (Machine Will Be There!)

Grzegorz Pacek, Film Director
Would You Like to Be the Hero of My Next Documentary? A Casting

Patryk Zakrocki, Musician, Composer, Author of Radio Play Founder of Zaklad Produkcji Dzwieku:
The Spectrum of Sound. Recorde Your First Electroacustic Piece in 30 Minutes