Blackmarket - Berlin 2005
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7th of May 2005,
Hebbel am Ufer Berlin

Artistic Director:
Hannah Hurtzig
Head of the Project:
Carolin Hochleichter
Project assistant :
Siegmar Zacharias
Theoretical Advisor:
Barbara Gronau
Philipp Schmidt
Technical management:
Micky Esch
Intern: Nele Jahnke

Hosts and Hostesses:
Koen Claerhout
Robert Hartmann
Henriette Huppmann
Najko Jahn
Daniela Schöler
Julia Schreiner
Yassu Yabara
Printdesign: Katrin Schoof




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Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge
The Hallucinated Community College of the Mobile Academy with 100 experts from Berlin.

Check in with an expert: ½ hour for 1 € !

The Blackmarket offers 42 different topics from A for 'Aeronoutics' to U for 'Urbanism' in Arabic, Bangla, Chinese, German, English, French, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Low German, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Urdu and Viennese.

(The Whispered Story of Knowledge, by Ingrid Scheffer, Goethe Institute, Online - editorial department)

all photos by: Jürgen Baumann

The Blackmarket is a showroom and a production space where storytelling is tried out as a form of knowledge- transfer. On May 7th, terms and topics that played an important part in past Mobile Academies will be broken down and presented in encyclopaedic for. The audience, in this case acting as customers, has the choice of 42 topics; from A for Aeronoutics to U for Urbanism.
100 experts sitting at small tables give one-on-one lessons, offering a fragment of their knowledge that can be told and learned in 30 minutes. One can also listen in on other dialogues via radio headphones.

While the Blackmarket is running, Barbara Duden, Professor for Sociology and Socio-psychology, will speak on The body as a place of learning and a scene of forgetting. She will be joined in discussion by the theatre expert Barbara Gronau and Dr. Christoph Wulf, Professor for Historical Anthropology.

Historian Barbara Duden has been working on stretching the boundaries of the science of history, for nearly 30 years. She initiated a research approach called "The History of the Body", that since the 1980s combines methods from woman studies, social history, medical history, and history of science. Her research circles around the question of bodily corporeality, which she has pinpointed as the blind spot of past and present scientific research practice.

Educational scientist Christoph Wulf works on the analysis and description of Learning with regard to Mimesis, Ritual and Performativity. He is the co-founder of the Centre of Historical Anthropology. His research work has contributed towards a trans-cultural, historical perspective on the human being that integrates perspectives from natural science, history and philosophy. His work follows a diagnosis of the "Recurrence of the Body".

Theatre specialist Barbara Gronau focuses her research on Performativity in Contemporary Theatre Aesthetics. As a dramaturge to numerous theatre productions she applies her theoretical background to artistic practices in the theatre.