Private Advice
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In cooperation with Hebbel am Ufer

Private Advice for 1 €

Individual lessons at the Mobile Academy Berlin

The Mobile Academy is now offering a condensed mini-training program at Hebbel am Ufer. Each month, individuals can book private sessions with artists (from Berlin or passing through the city). In these one-hour sessions, specific artistic issues and methods, survival strategies or general ideas can be discussed. Colleagues of all age groups are welcome; anyone interested can apply:
The individual lessons last 45 minutes and cost 1 €.

Individual lessons were offered by:


Xavier le Roy, choreographer, Berlin

Ulrich Matthes Schauspieler

Constanza Macras, choreographer

Jochen Roller, choreografer, performer, Berlin

Krzysztof Warlikowski, director, Warsaw

Rabih Mrouè, director, Libanon

Meg Stuart, choreografer, U.S.A.

Anna Viebrock, costum- and set designer, germany

The individual lessons are not available in the moment.