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For this CD, several talks from four different Black Markets were chosen. In no way do they exemplify the wide variety of lecture- performances and dialog-characters, which are performed/exhibited on behalf of the production and distribution and the gambling for knowledge on the tables.

They are however different enough to provide an idea of the collectively whispered knowledge-transfer of a black market night:
a culture-theoretical lecture, appropriate to the theme of mobility/ speed, performed in a rapid style and precisely finished with a final apotheosis at the sound of the gong;
a background talk about the personal motives and the progress of a journalistic research on violence at Abu Ghraib;
a basic course on the topic participation, and an educational talk about sex and bodily experiences, exceptionally presented by two experts.

Four out of 788 Black Market talks, recorded between 2005 and 2007.



CD 1:
Joseph Vogl: Gedanken und Geschwindigkeiten (29:48)
Carolin Emcke: Ein ganz normaler Folterer - Abu Ghraib jenseits der Bilder (29.41)

CD 2:
Irit Rogoff: What Does It Mean to Participate? (22.37)
Susanne Sachsse / Marc Siegel: Dildos and Dildon'ts: How to Have Fun with Boys and Girls (34.31)

Hörbeispiel rauschen des Schwarzmarkts

Hearing-example: Rauschen des Schwarzmarkts (mp3)

The CD is obtainable at the box-office of "Hebbel am Ufer" for 5 Euro
Phone: 030 - 259 004 27

The production of the CD was supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin.