A SHADOW PLAY FOR A DIALOGUE DUO - Blackmarket - Liverpool, November 2008
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The Palentypist for the Shadow Play

The duo first met in Tel Aviv during late adolescence and have been in touch ever since, first in Tel Aviv, then in Paris, and now in London. Dan, who lives in Tel Aviv, occasionally flies out just to meet Eyal, or else meets him in Israel while he is filming. Their greatest common pleasure is conversing and like all good conversation, theirs spans more than one topic - politics, sociology, history, cultural criticism, economy and philosophy are covered, as well as their personal lives. They are in a perpetual friendly disagreement, which both find very stimulating.

Eyal Sivan, documentary filmmaker, producer (with film production company Momento!) and essayist, born in Haifa, Israel, lived in Paris from 1985 and now lives in London. He has directed more than ten feature-length documentaries including: "I love you all", an essay about social control and security through surveillance camera images of the Stasi former East Germany (2004) "Route 181, fragments of a journey in Palestine-Israel", a documentary road-movie shot on the virtual border between Palestinians and Israelis as decided in UN Resolution 181 for the partition of Palestine, co-directed with Michel Khleifi (2003) "The specialist" the trial of Adolf Eichmann, based on archive material and inspired by "Eichmann in Jerusalem. A Report on the Banality of Evil" by Hannah Arendt (1999).
His cinema work has won awards at many international film festivals.

Dan Dolberger is co-founder and Executive Vice President of First Life Research, an early stage technology specializing in semantic intelligence. He is a high-tech entrepreneur by occupation, a journalist by profession, a social psychologist by education, a philosopher by orientation, a generalist by essence and a culture observer by hobby. During the past 13 years he has filled various marketing and managerial positions in several high tech companies. Previously he has worked as Editor in chief of an Israeli newspaper, and filled several editorial roles in Israel's two largest daily newspapers. Dan has also lectured on Internet marketing and media philosophy at the Huzliya Interdisciplinary Center. He holds an MA in Social Psychology and a BA in Philosophy from Tel Aviv University.

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all Photos by Alex Wolkowicz