The Studio of the Blackmarket

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Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Kleines Haus
November 5th 2010

The Studio of the Blackmarket

Photos by Daniel Koch


Werner Felber - "Depression"

Professor em. Dr med. Werner Felber, Psychiatric Consultant and Therapist, former Director of the Suicide Emergency Room at the Academy of Medicine “Carl Gustav Carus” Dresden and President of the German Society of Suicide Prevention, Dresden

Guillaume Paoli - Demotivationtraining

Guillaume Paoli, home-philosopher at the Centraltheater in Leipzig where he runs the „Prüfgesellschaft für Sinn und Zweck“ (Association for Testing the Reason and Purpose) and the „Philosophische Praxis“ (Philosophical Practice). As a co-founder of the „Glückliche Arbeitslose“ (Happy Unemployed) and co-publisher of the journal „müßiggangster“, he deals with subjects such as work and non-work, faineance and laziness

Jürgen Müller - Melencolia (Dürer)

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Müller, Professor for Art History at the TU Dresden, works as an art critic and curator, numerous publications on film, football and photography, Gerhard Richter, Rembrandt, Bruegel and Dürer.