Blackmarket - Plovdiv

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Plodiv, Bulgaria




Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge
and Non-Knowledge

"Let`s talk about the market"

For the Blackmarket in Plovdiv, Bulgaria "Let`s talk about the market" (in 2012 or 2013 or 2014) we shoot a trailer with GEORGI GANEV. He is an economist and program director for economic research at the Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia. His interests are related to issues of macroeconomics, monetary theory and policy, political economy and new institutional economics. He is the first expert for the upcoming project.

"In the end I think its the philosophy of money, the fact that money is like a fetish to many people, but in the end it´s something very prosaic itself but it reflects extremly important social characteristics of the given society. it´s really like blood, even though I don´t like medical metaphors in the economics it reflects everything that goes on in the organism, it´s only your ablitiy to read that is important - to read the signs."

Georgi Ganev

Trailer "Let`s talk about the Market".
In order of appearance:
Katrin Sarieva
Georgi Ganev
Hristo K. Raidovski
Angel Gittev
and in the role of Bartleby: Konstantin Bobotzov

Concept: Hannah Hurtzig, Berlin
Film:Sebastian Bodirsky, Berlin
Adviser:Vesselin Dimitrov, Sofia
Additional Sound: Pavel Naydenov, Plovdiv
With special thanks to: Samuil Vladimirow

An initiative by Vesselina Sarieva and Jakob Racek
Production: Open Arts Foundation, Plovdiv, and Goethe-Institute Bulgaria in cooperation with Mobile Academy, Berlin