// BLACKMARKET - Basel, 6. June// DIALOGUE INSTALLATION - Bern, 28. May // DIALOGUE INSTALLATION - Lugano, 30. May

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Thursday 28.05.2015 Dampfzentrale Bern at 19:00
Check-In opens 18:30
Duration: approx. 3 hours
Admission Free!
Open throughout!

Saturday 30.05.15
Studio Foce Lugano at 20:00

Check-In opens 19:30
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Admission Free!
Open throughout!

Saturday 06.06.15
Kaserne Basel at 19:00

Check-In opens 18:30
Duration: approx. 3 hours
Admission Free!
Open throughout!
Book 1 expert for 1 CHF!


Team Mobile Academy Berlin:
Concept: Hannah Hurtzig
Curator & Project Manager: Sarah Lewis
Company Management: Philipp Hochleichter

Teams Basel/Bern/Lugano:
Project Assistants: Zoé Kilchenmann (Research & Interviews), Philine Erni (PR), David Basic (Administration)
Technical Director: Thomi Kohler (Basel), David Baumgartner / lichtdesign.ch (Bern and Lugano), Barbara Widmer (Bern), Marzio Picchetti (Lugano)
Technical Assistant (Basel): Tobias Rüegg
Graphic Design: Maurice Ettlin

Mobile Academy Berlin in collaboration with:
wildwuchs Festival (Basel):
Artistic Director: Gunda Zeeb,

Community Arts Festival (Bern):
Artistic Director: Susanne Schneider, www.beweggrund.org

Orme Festival (Lugano):
Artistic Director: Emanuel Rosenberg, www.ormefestival.ch

Special Thanks to:
University of Applied Sciences of Special Needs Education for their student sign language interpreters

Sign-language interpreters:
Johanna Wüthrich and Monika Beyeler from procom Dolmetschdienst


PARAHUMANS: on revolutionary enhancements, virtuosic inventions, and what it means to be an actor

Impairment, disability, defect, flaw, lack, deficiency, as argued within the disability movement and in disability studies, are not necessarily disempowering terms, but rather paths in the discovery and development of other abilities. This way of thinking is at the very center of developments in overlapping disciplines in the humanities, sciences, and at the forefront of what it means to be human today. How might the concept of disability present us with an inherently different way of understanding our «humanity», and what imaginative and emancipatory forms of expression might it illuminate?

At the BLACKMARKET OF USEFUL KNOWLEDGE AND NON-KNOWLEDGE NO. 17 in BASEL, and two DIALOG INSTALLATIONS in BERN and LUGANO, 50 experts from various disciplinary fields including critical disability studies, cultural theory, robotics, visual and performing arts, comic book literature, entertainment, music, sports, psychology, philosophy and activism will discuss and/or show the limitations and potentialities that disability can have on society.

These three events will delve into the contributions and ethical questions surrounding technological enhancements, what it means to be human and the political implications of thinking about (dis)ability in its differing and complex manifestations. With this offering what liberating options might arise if we looked at disability as an occasion to stretch and complicate our parahuman imaginative capabilities?

>> Klaus Birnstiel (german)
>> Michael Fehr - (schyzerdütsch)
>> Kenny Fries - (english)
>> Carrie Sandahl - (english)

> Experts + Talks + Encyclopedia, Basel

> Experts + Dialogue, Bern

> Experts + Dialogue, Lugano