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1.David v.s Goliath: struggling against the international arms trade
Frank Slijper. Researcher and lobbyist, has studied econonmics, works for the campaign against arms trade since 1993. Since 2005 he is concerned with the Transnational Intitute, an organization which dedicates itself to the struggle against international (nuclear) arms trade. [Groningen]


2. Phague theraphy: Virusses that kill bacteria. My enemy’s enemy is my friend.
Dr.Marcel van Bergen. Biosafety officer and Occupational Health Advisor at the Radboud University, Nijmegen. Previously he worked for the Wageningen University on (amongst others) phague therapie. [Nijmegen]

3. Intruders in intruders
Prof. Dr. Jaap. A. Wagenaar works for the Wageningen University and the University of Utrecht as a bacteriophague specialist. Bacteriophagues are specific viruses that attack bacteria. [Utrecht, Wageningen]


4. curatorial practices in a conflict zone. (English)
Galit Eilat is a writer, curator and the founding director of The Israeli Center for Digital Art in Holon. She is co-editor in chief of Maarav — an online arts and culture magazine, as well as research curator at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven. This year she is the co-curating the Polish Pavilion in Venice as well as the artistic director of the October Salon, Belgrade, 2011. Her projects tackle issues such as the political situation in the Middle East, activism and political imagination in art.[ Eindhoven]

5. Ontlogy. How to make the ethics react with the exercise of politics?
Mariagiovanna Nuzzi is a researcher in Fine Arts at the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht. Co-founder of the research formation Dynamoscopio, Milan. As teacher-assistant she was connected to het IUAV( Universita di Venezia). She wrote and directed Il Caso (2008), Philos e Xenia part 1 (2008) and Ontology. How to make the ethics react with the exercise of politics? (2009). [Maastricht]


6. Chemtrails: are military airplanes spraying us like pests?
Peter Vereecke. Former major of Evergem (BE), thruthsearcher, initiator of the civil movement Belfort-group. He organized a international Chemtrailsymposium and is responsible for Case Orange ( a scientific report for insiders).[Evergem]


7. ‘Fake’ and ‘real’- about Channel, Louis Vuitton and many others
Joep Meddens Lawyer in intellectual property right, works for Höcker Advocaten. He wrote his Masterthesis on political commercials. He is currently active in the local council of Hilversum. [Hilversum]


8. Ruin value, the esthetics of a dilapidated defense line.
Robin de Goede is an artist who mainly works from photographs. The topics of his work are mainly abandoned buildings who have lost their own identity. Recently he made the film Ruin Value, about the remains of the Atlantikwall a agglomeration of bunkers throughout Europe. [Den Haag]


9. Avalanche control. An alternative (one-to-one) guided tour of César Manrique’s Lanzarote (English)
Rasmus Troelsen Researches design at the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht and teaches at the Desingskole in Copenhagen. He was an artist-in-residence at IASPIS Gallery in Stockholm. One of the authors of Laspis forum on design and critical practice and co-initiator of the design studio Europa in London.[Maastricht]

10. Design as a defense against waste and pollution
Doreen Westphal Initiator and owner of the Doreen Westphal Studio, that produces the KREJCI collection each year, partially made from rest material and waste. [Eindhoven]


11.The wine, Le vin. Reconquering a reputation
Kurt Ryslavy is an artist and wine merchant. For fifteen years he was the only merchant in Austrian wine in Belgium. [ Brussels]


12. Who is eavesdropping during my phone conversations?
Stefan van Lent Telecom specialist. Previously he was Supervision Engineer for the Network Operations Center and later Command Center Expert. Currently he works for the Belgian telecom operator Mobistar. [Antwerpen]


13. Niet Normaal! What is normal and who decides?
Ine Gevers Curator, writer and activist. Worked for the Van Abbemuseum and the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht amongst others. She was the artistic director of the exhibitions ‘IK+ de ander’ en ‘Niet Normaal’. Niet Normaal * difference on Display, December 2009 till March 2010, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam. [Utrecht]


14. Neighbor or outsider: Do junkies deserve neighborly love?
Ds. Hans Visser. Emeritus preacher, clergyman (recently retired) of the Pauluskerk Rotterdam, author of God (2009), Pedofilie (2007) and Jezus was een vreemdeling(Jesus was a stranger) (2000).[ Rotterdam]


15. Surviving between barriers: wall-, rooftop- and gutter plants, the sly flora and fauna of Rotterdam
Remco Andeweg. City ecologist, works for the Office for City nature Rotterdam, published Muurplanten in Rotterdam ( wall plants in Rotterdam) (1994) and Vreemde planden in Rotterdam (strange plants in Roterdam) (Anndeweg & Florusse 2002). In 2006 he gave a lecture for the Tue Greenfort exhibition at Witte de With. [Rotterdam]


16. Read the Masks. Tradition is not Given. (English)
Anette Kraus. Artist, guest at the Jan van Eyck Academy. She graduated as a MA Fine Arts at het Art Academy in Malmö. She participated in the IAPSIS Residency program. The project ‘Read the Maks. Tradition is not Given’ is a project by Petra Bauer and Anette Krauss.[Maastricht]

17.Interpassiveness: a defense mechanism against an out-of-control, democratic lifestyle?
Gijs van Oenen teaches philosophy at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam. His current field of research is political and social philosophy, the philosophy of law, the philosophy of culture and culture critics. [Rotterdam]


18. The typographical aesthetics of Greek bureaucracy (English)
Vasilis Marmatikis is a graphic designer, he took his masters degree at the Royal College of Art. Currently he researches the use of typography and visual language at the Greek civil service as it is seen in the service’s documents. He received several awards for assignments under which The New Acropolis Museum and the Greek National Theatre. [Maastricht]


19.Once inside.. (the Inside Job/ Hidden City collection, 1995-2010)
Jeroen Jongeleen. Visual artist and infiltrator in public space. For 15 years he secretly placed his work in the Boijmans van Beuningen museum and organized a hidden permanent exhibition with work of more than seventeen artists. He shows traces of this in the current ‘Too little too late (and how) to fail gracefully’ exhibition. [Rotterdam]


20. I can burn your face. How the AIVD burned his fingers on an art project.
Huib Haye van der Werf. Curator for SKOR and advisor. He participated in the de Appel Curatorial Programme (2005) and is a member of the adviseboard for the arts in the city’s of Utrecht and the Hague. He edited and wrote for ‘Architectuur van Kennis: de bibilotheek van de toekomst’(2009) (Architecture and knowledge: the future’s library). [Amsterdam]

21.Where is Waldo? The search for intelligent live for the benefit of intelligence
Tamara van Halm. Previously active for the MIVD. After her resignation she initiated the Out of the Box Insight company a foundation that tries to give a broader perspective on things. [Gent]

___Mental Tool

22. The will to see, about ‘priming’ and its influence on perception.
Prof. Dr.Raymond van Ee is an associate professor in the physics department of the University of Utrecht, teaches experimental psychology at the University of Leuven and does research on priming for Phillips. Priming is a technique to influence your own and other`s perception. [Eindhoven, Utrecht]


23.Do-it-yoursef: keep control over your own privacy
Rick van Amersfoort. Researcher and filmmaker, works for Buro Janssen en Janssen. Buro Janssen en Janssen is a research organization that critically follows the police, the law and governmental organizations. It’s a constitution collective that publishes about the increasing powers and repressive legislation, mainly on her own website. [Amsterdam]

24.The map of Tblisi, a case study. How privatizing only gives privacy to a select minority.
Matthijs Bouw. Initiatior and director of One Architecture. He is an urban planner and guest lecturer at different Universities, of which: Academie van Bouwkunst Rotterdam en Amsterdam, TU Delft, TU Graz, RWTH Aachen en Metropolitan Research + Design in Los Angeles [Amsterdam]

25. Protection of data in the information era; a short story about borders.
R.J.M Coopmans. Mr. Coopmans will speak on his own behalf. He works for the College Protection Personal Data (CPB), department supervision of the private sector. Within this department he occupies himself with research on the violation of privacy in the private sector. [Den Haag]

26.Privacy is dead! Long live privacy
Joris van Hoboken is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Information Law at University of Amsterdam. His thesis is about freedom of opinion and search engines. Hoboken studied math and law and was previously active for Bits of Freedom, of which he was one of the initiators. [Amsterdam]


27. Water as enemy, water as an ally
Ir. G.J. Arends. Co-founder and secretary of the foundation Historical Locks en Weirs Holland, active in the faculty of architecture at the TU Delft, author of Sluizen en stuwen. De ontwikkeling van de sluis- en stuwbouw in Nederland tot 1940. (Locks and weirs. The development of de lock-and weir building in Holland until 1940). [Delft]

28. Fighting with color and form; The art of the hiding and misleading on the battlefield.
Aris de Bruijn. Content manager and co-worker information issuer of the Army museum in Delft. For his blog he writes articles about warfare and amongst others camouflage. [Schoonhoven]

29.The protection of our dikes against the exotic musk- and beaver rat
Henk Jaaltink. Team leader for the District Water Board, Riverland Northern area. He is specialized in exterminating musk-and beaver rats. [Tiel]

30. Fort Asperen overpowered
Herman Limpens works as senior project leader Research and Protection for the Mammal foundation . He wrote ‘Atlas van de Nederlandse Vleermuizen (Atlas of the Dutch Bats) and ‘Ondersteboven van de Waterlinie’ (Upside-down in the Waterlinie). During the winter Fort Asperen is not accessible for visitors since it is occupied by bats who hibernate there. [Nijmegen]


31.The sterile hospital: pushing back micro-organisms
Syb Beeksma. Specialized in sterile medical aids and expert in flexible endoscopes, at the VUmc and NKI AvL in Amsterdam and DC| Groep, the Hague. [Amsterdam]


32. Conflicting territories (English)
Malkit Shoshan is an Israeli architect, the author and the illustrator of the Atlas of the Conflict, Israel-Palestine. She is the the initiator and director of FAST, an alternative architecture practice that develops projects on the relations between architecture, planning, politics and activism, and currently is working on het PhD for the architecture faculty in TU Delft. [Amsterdam]

33. The Invisible Architecture of Radical Amsterdam: A Catalog of Activist Spatial Practice of the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s (English)
Alan Smart. Architect, currently working as researcher at the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht . He was active as a design teacher at the Sandberg Institute and the Ohio State University. He worked for several bureau’s under which Diller, Scofildo+Renfro and Lewis, Tsurumaki, Lewis. Currently het is developing a project on spatial activity of radical groups n Amsterdam in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, und which Provo, de Actiegroep Nieuwmarkt the squat movement. [Maastricht]


34.Veterans tell their story`s. Personal experience vs. National consciousness
Dr. Stef Scagliola. Scientific co-worker for the Dutch Veterans Institute, project leader of the interview project: Nederlandse Veteranen (Dutch Veterans). She took a doctor’s degree on her study Last van de oorlog, de Nedelands oorlogsmisdaden en verwerking (Burden of war, the Dutch war crimes and their coping). [Doorn]