Blackmarket - Licence ________ Mannheim - June 2009

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BLACKMARKET knowledge is offered in the following languages:
Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Mannemerisch, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish




Stephanie Dorsheimer manager of the SM and fetish café "Why Not Mannheim" in Jungbusch [Mannheim]
The fairy won’t hurt anyone - BDSM in Mannheim and surrounding areas

Dominique Dumais dancer and choreographer, Co-Director of the Kevin O'Day-Ballett Mannheim [Toronto, Mannheim]
Trial and Error: Composing and re-composing the body in contemporary dance

Prof. Dr. Alexander Kosenina literary scholar, author of books on acting, academic actors and fools, and the actor August Wilhelm Iffland [Mannheim, Hannover]
The art of acting: The origins of body language in the 18th century



Ruth Hutter artist, artistic director of "Girls go Movie", stone sculpturer und domestic economist [Mannheim]
Dealings. The relationship between action and thought in the creative process

Prof. Dr. Christian Rieck professor for finance and game theory at "FH Frankfurt“, runs the website "" [Frankfurt Main]
Rock-paper-scissors – Theory of games in the financial sector

Axel Stamm trade unionist, networker, former supervisory board chairman for "Prinz Medienhaus" [Mannheim]
The fight for jobs as an orchestration of reality


Arthur & Benjamin Brux high-school students, ardent skaters and footballers, experts for X-Box 360 sport- and action games [Mannheim]
Having fun with the X-Box 360: Fifa-Football, Tony Hawks, Kung-Fu Panda and Indiana Jones

Dr. Martina Schwager-Schmitt dentist, rugby youth trainer for "SC Neuenheim Heidelberg“, former Bundesliga and national player [Heidelberg]
Brawling with rules: On the rules, tactics and aesthetics of rugby


Christian Beiersdorf gaming author, long standing commissioning editor and product manager in the toy industry, among others for "Ravensburger", owner of the service- and licensing agency "Projekt Spiel" [Freiburg]
Who actually owns the game? Games as cultural heritage – the copyright’s stepchild

Julia Neigel freelance artist, singer, songwriter, producer [Ludwigshafen, Mannheim]
Who owns a composition? On the legal and financial impassabilities as an artist


Michael Ackermann film commissioner, attorney for filmmakers in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area [Mannheim]
Creative motion-picture economics: Bring me those projects to Mannheim!

Christian Beiersdorf gaming author, long standing commissioning editor and product manager in the toy industry, among others for "Ravensburger", owner of the service- and licensing agency "Projekt Spiel" [Freiburg]
Game authors: From the initial idea to the finished game

Otmar Bettscheider and Karin Herrmann certified linguists, game authors and publishers, owners of game publisher "BiWo Spiele" [Mannheim]
Game producers: From the idea to becoming self-publisher

Dr. Gerd Axel Marenbach physicist and astronomer, manufacturer of captivating steel jewellery and toys, owner of the company "Axsmar" [Mannheim]
On the manufacturing of sensuality

Astrid Vogel painter, gallery owner, art teacher, investing her artistic creativity in hats since 2005 [Mannheim]
Head over heels – the head as playground


Markus Beisel actor and director at the Oststadt Theatre [Ludwigshafen, Mannheim]
The thrown-away key from La Cage aux Folles: Travesty as zoo and the drag queen as the problem bear

Doris Uhlich choreographer, actress at “Theatercombinat”, "remarkable newcomer in the choreography scene " according to "ballettanz - annual 2008" and Andrea Salzmann Dramaturg and photographer in the free dance performance scene [Vienna]
What is “authentic“? On the attempt to get non-professional performers and experts from everyday life on stage


Bildungsclown Jörn sport- and chemistry academic, coach for communication, pantomime [Mannheim]
On the seriousness of building a table rocket

Prof. Dr. Jens Kaden director of the training hospital "TheSiMa" and the simulation patient programme at the medical faculty in Mannheim, established cardiologist [Mannheim]
Simulation in medical training: Playing doctor, or practice for an emergency?

Petra Paula Marquardt freelance scientist, media and culture tutor, applied research among others for "Schnawwl", the kids- and youth theatre at the National Theatre Mannheim [Mannheim]
Let’s pretend! Elementary theatre for kids from two years old

Dr. Ulrich Nieß Head of Mannheim’s town archives - Institute for town history [Mannheim]
The riddle of the 144 squares

Ragna Pitoll actress at the National Theatre in Mannheim [Mannheim]
The game of intimacy: Encounters, coincidence, surprise in 30 moments

Stephan Reichel studies in history, politics and sociology, founder and managing shareholder of “Suchweise GbR”, personal consultant, coach and development consultant [Kelsterbach]
"Winning" a career. The job-application situation as a decree for gambling


Dr. Hans Joachim Bremme former President of SV Waldhof Mannheim football club, former Head of Public Relations for BASF, founder-chairman of the metropolitan region of Rhine-Neckar GmbH [Heidelberg]
SV Waldhof Mannheim – Football caught in the crossfire between chaos and integration

Thorsten Geib certified economist, controller (insurance), 1. Chairman of Mannheim’s largest and oldest chess club SK MA-Lindenhof 1865 [Mannheim]
Chess as a sport, fun, art and science, Or: The thin line between genius and insanity

Christina Limbourg graduate in commercial studies, deputy director of friends and patrons of Mannheim’s National Theatre [Mannheim]
From the rigging loft to vocal chords – An insight into the National Theatre through the eyes of a spectator

Gerhard Ruf collector of “Schildkröt” dolls, occupies himself with the history of the "Schildkröt" (turtle) company, active volunteer for the organisation ”Geschichte Alt-Neckarau e.V.“ [Mannheim]
Erika, Inge, Peterle, né Schildkröt in Mannheim-Neckarau. On the history of the “Schildkröt” company

Luisa Stachowiak actress at the National Theatre in Mannheim and clown school student [Mannheim]
The candour behind a clown’s nose: The courage and freedom in being a clown



Prof. Dr. Jens Holger Lorenz professor for mathematical didactics at the PH in Heidelberg, certified psychologist and child analysist [Heidelberg]
The roulette ball’s memory: The mathematics of luck, bad luck and bluffing

Sabine Ritter von Zabern retail saleswoman, consultant at "pepperparties", offering home parties with erotic articles for women [Mannheim]
Mine is bigger than yours! Toys for adults

Dr. Susanne Schlösser historian and archivist, head of the historical archives at Mannheim’s town archives – Institute for town history [Mannheim]
Fortune comes to Mannheim – Lottery tales from the 18th century (with good odds of winning)

Elke Schmid director, member of the artistic direction of "zeitraumexit", artistic director of the theatre label "EX!T Ausgangspunkt Theater" [Mannheim]
PLAYTIME xs – Try your luck rolling the dice! Determine your own personal queries concerning luck! A mini edition of the currenttheatre project PLAYTIME


Tilo Dickopp studies in mathematics and informatics, scientific contributor for Chair of Business Informatics III, Dan 3 in GO [Mannheim]
GO: History and culture of the oldest board game in human history

Liselotte Homering head of the theatre and literature history department of the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen [Mannheim]
1. Schiller squared: Playing around with topographies
2. Storing the ephemeral – The theatre in the museum

Katharina J. Schneider literary scholar, academic consultant to the museum of German Literary Archives in Marbach [Marbach/Neckar]
Schiller autopsy. Compilation of a posthumous biography from existing archives


Gisela Becker magician, chairwoman of local circle MA-LU-HEI of Germany’s magic circle association [Mannheim]
Why I let myself be sawn in half. Illusions of magic as enrichment, thimblerig as a con

Eugen Kettemann Master confectioner for appointed confectioners Kettemann (founded 1897), Bloomaul prize winner 1995, hobby singer [Mannheim, Ludwigshafen]
On the famous “Mannemer Dreck“ and various giant cakes: The ingredient game (with test samples)


Ferdinand Mack five-time World Champion and German National Coach in full contact kick boxing, 7. Dan, trainer, author [Mannheim]
Remembering the future – On physical and mental preparation before a fight

Oliver Säuberlich owner of the role-play store "Wizard's Well", practicing role-player and game master for the last 20 years [Mannheim]
Of elves and dwarves. Tutorial on becoming a hero, and the twilight of the gods


Kanber Altintas certified economist, project manager for the German-Turkish centre of commerce in Mannheim, holder of the Bundesverdienstkreuz (Federal Cross of Merit), artist, former Head of the German-Turkish centre for culture [Mannheim]
The way into society through economic and job-related integration. And the contribution interaction and dialogue between the various cultures provides within this context

Gerd Armbruster graduate in public management (FH), Head of IT-Infrastructure for the city of Mannheim, chief lecturer at Mannheim’s “Abendakademie“, project manager for the portal "" [Mannheim]
Rules for the exchange of information versus chaos communication

Regina Pfriem head of public relations for the metropolitan region of Rhine-Neckar GmbH, Managing Director of "Future of Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar e.V.“ [Mannheim]
The whole is more than the sum of all its parts – The secret of the success of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area


Otmar Bettscheider and Karin Herrmann certified linguists, game authors and -publishers, owners of game publisher "BiWo Spiele" [Mannheim]
Speech producers: Games as catalysts for creativity and communication

Dr. Elke Donalies linguist for the German Language Institute [Mannheim]
Der Herzkammerjäger heiratet die unkaputtbare Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftskapitänswitwe - Puns, game rules, breaches of rules

Dr. Frank Druffner art historian, consultant to the Director of the German Literary Archives in Marbach [Marbach/Neckar]
Breaches of rules as an aesthetic principle

Dr. Christian "Chako" Habekost entertainer (comedian, cabaret artist, musician-performer, oral artist), author, linguist [Mannheim]
On the work behind the punch line in cabaret and comedy

Einhart Klucke taxi driver, teacher, trade union secretary, cabaret artist, master of ceremonies, off-theatre expert [Mannheim]
The wonderful world of puns

Dirk Nowakowski professional teller of stories, fairytales and legends, stage designer, museum pedagogue, social worker [Mannheim]
"They couldn’t hide the words within the strokes..." They were just recounting.

Ulrich Verthein Head of the sport section at Mannheimer Morgen newspaper [Mannheim]
Language radicalism and sport


Bekir Alboga preacher, Imam, Islamic scholar, authorised representative for intercultural dialogues, member of the German Islamic Conference, participant of the Integrationsgipfel (integration summit) [Cologne, Mannheim]
The prophet’s games and the humour of the Imam

Christian W. Hübel director of strategic supervision of the city of Mannheim, Ex-CEO of the SPD Rhein-Neckar, certified historian and political scientist [Mannheim]
Power: A strategic tool, a necessary tactical instrument, a burden

Alexander Kalajdzic First conductor at the National Theatre in Mannheim, professor at the Music Academy in Zagreb, regular guest conductor for the Cape Town Philharmonic orchestra, the Zagreb Philharmonics, as well as the Croatian National Opera [Mannheim, Zagreb]
On the art of getting 40 individuals to interplay


Günter Eitenmüller dean for the evangelic church in Mannheim [Mannheim, Weinheim]
The missing love of Sisyphus – Striving playfully for the meaning of life

Dr. Tagrid Leménager certified psychologist and researcher for addiction prevention, singer of “Zero Dawn” and Dr. Nina Kämmerer doctor, both working for the gambling addiction clinic at the central institute for mental health [Mannheim]
Neurobiological principles of pathological gambling and therapeutic methods for curing addicts

Carlo Thränhardt 16-time German Champion in high jump, current European record holder, and 3-time world record holder, motivation coach, author [Munich]
A kick start in reaching one’s peak: How can I motivate myself to
achieve top performance

Dr. Klaus Wünnemann Zoo Director Heidelberg [Heidelberg]
Why does the mouse not play with the cat?


Prof. Dr. Astrid Hedtke-Becker professor for gerontology at “Hochschule Mannheim“, faculty for social service studies, Project Manager for "InnoWo: Zuhause bleiben bis zuletzt" (Staying at home as long as you can) [Mannheim]
Playful methods to get generations moving – Proper objectives and tasks and a lot of exercise, a recipe for healthy aging and well-being?

Carsten Otte radio presenter and author, wrote "Goodbye Auto. Ein Leben ohne Führerschein" (“Goodbye Car. Life without a driving licence”) [Baden-Baden]
Why we won’t drive cars in the future and why adults will have to find themselves a new toy


Niko Friedrich musician, solo clarinettist for the National Theatre Mannheim for the last 25 years and active in diverse chamber music formations [Mannheim]
From a red light café to the orchestra pit – The clarinet under elector Carl Theodor

Silke Hauck singer-songwriter for pop, jazz and soul music with a residency at Mannheim’s “Schatzkistl" with her show "Silke Hauck Night" [Mannheim]
Composition and improvisation. On singing as a tool

Uli Krug musician (electric bass, sousaphone), founding member of "Mardi" [Mannheim]
Through circular breathing to a higher capacity

René Pollesch director, author [Berlin]
A human being is only truly human when he sings

Thomas Siffling jazz trumpeter, bandleader, producer and managing director of "SP-Siffling Productions" with its record labels "JAZZ'n'ARTS", "Personality Records" and "künstlersache" [Mannheim]
Spontaneous tunes - Improvisation, the soul of Jazz


Charles Graf conflict manager, appointed by the city of Mannheim, former German Boxing Champion [Mannheim]
The black count – The fear of one’s self

Lisa Massetti actress, theatre pedagogue, currently at the "Creative Factory Jungbusch" [Mannheim]
Schiller à la Jungbusch. A stage for reality – reality as a stage


Prof. Edgar M. Böhlke actor, until 2005 Professor for drama at the Academy for Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt Main [Mannheim]
The attics of my mind – a possible way to authentic play

William Esper acting teacher, one of the leading exponents of the Sanford Meisner Technique, founder of the William Esper Studio [New York]
Daydream. Repetition. How to be real in theatre

Dr. Benita Joswig theologian and artist, with main focus on exchange, retrospection and mirroring processes in religion and art [Heidelberg]
Bringing God in to play – On the art of the liturgy, God the actor and the presence of the Holy Ghost

Prof. Dr. Alexander Kosenina literary scholar, author of books on acting, academic actors and fools, and the actor August Wilhelm Iffland [Mannheim, Hannover]
Playing (The) Robbers: August Wilhelm Iffland in Schiller’s Mannheim debut

Steffen Lückehe video store clerk, screenwriter and owner of the film gallery "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" [Mannheim]
"I know all about life, I’ve been to the cinema." (Fehlfarben, 1980)


Dr. Ulrike Lorenz art historian, Director of "Kunsthalle Mannheim“ [Mannheim]
The museum as stage and playing field

Katrin Nagel state-approved pre-school teacher, works at Eichendorffstraße children’s home [Mannheim]
When kids act out being adults


Casino Internationale / Kathrin Böer cultural studies scholar, postgraduate at the Laboratoire d'Esthétique théorique et appliquée - Paris 1 [Paris, Berlin] and Felix Sattler artist [Weimar, Berlin]
Casino ornamentale: On Persian carpets, mirrors and other ornamental histories from the world of casinos

Daniel Fromm parkour runner, founder member of "Movement Mannheim", collaboration between parkour and free runners [Mannheim]
Urban cross-country – The art of efficient movement

Corinna Harder author, founder of the "UNDERGROUND Junior-Detektiv-Klub", award winner of the “Children’s Culture Prize“ (DKHW), detective-game author, trained ivory carver [Frankfurt Main]
1. Crime games: 20 ways to invent a crime and uncover it subsequently
2. Child crime: How detective games help kids to decipher the world and to appreciate the rules as well as the breaching of rules

Gunter Keller Waldorf tutor and lecturer at the “Freie Hochschule für Waldorfpädagogik“ [Mannheim]
The art of education - Creativity - Imagination

Einhart Klucke taxi driver, teacher, trade union secretary, cabaret artist, master of ceremonies, off-theatre expert [Mannheim]
We’re all actors – self-expression in everyday life

Bettina Pfeil owner of the event management agency "gastfreundschaft", coach on etiquette, jurist, football fan, connoisseur [Alsbach a.d. Bergstraße]
"gastronomía = A directive for stomach maintenance" – Why every gastronomic enterprise is only as good as it’s workforce

Erik Pold choreographer, director, performer [Copenhagen]
The Reality Game: We turned Mannheim into a stage


Maria Rigot social worker, founding member of "ATTAC Mannheim" and contributor for the initiative "Freie Flüchtlingsstadt Mannheim” (Mannheim free for refugees) [Mannheim]
"Close down the casino" – an introduction into the system of international economics and the possibilities for change

Dr. Viktor Winschel late repatriate, then film producer, programmer, graduate in commercial studies, currently freelancing, academic contributor at Mannheim University [Mannheim]
Money game vs. game money – What is money and who produces it? Are we living in capitalism or in a materialistically financed real socialism?


Felix Ensslin director, author and curator [Potsdam]
"I’ve done my part. Now you do yours." (King Don Carlos, after murdering his son) - Monstrous scenes: The dark side of Schillers aesthetics

Jürgen Gündel certified psychologist, coach for transaction analysis and Enneagramm Professional Training according to Helen Palmer [Mannheim]
Manipulative games and how to deal with them

Annette Heneka certified social worker, graduate in business administration (VWA), active since 1990 at Mannheim’s home for women, employee at
Women’s Information Centre, trauma consultant [Mannheim]
Power abuse in the context of gender-related hierarchical structures on hand of examples of violence in partnerships


Miriam Caroli councillor for the Green Party, theatre, film and media studies graduate, project manager for "tower media" [Mannheim]
Play-money: Utopian concepts for the distribution of cultural subsidies

Malte Jelden artistic director of DRAMA COLOGNE e.V., dramaturg at “Kammerspiele Munich“ [Munich]
How much does good drama cost? On projects for which the State Theatre pulverises millions, and the alternative scene itself


Ursula Tröscher-Hüfner certified social worker, therapy trainer since 1978 and trainer supervisor for systemic therapy, psychotherapist [Heidelberg]
Family constellations at the table – The constant return of the same again


Prof. Ines Geipel author, doping expert and professor for dramatic verse in Berlin [Berlin]
What’s left of talent - Sport as a chemical game?

Julia Neigel freelance artist, singer, songwriter, producer [Ludwigshafen, Mannheim]
On the accountability, which arises from the freedom of art itself

Ursula Nusser journalist, head of the editorial department for "SWR2 Forum" (A discussion series on Südwestrundfunk radio) [Baden-Baden]
Dangerous liaisons – The relationship between politics and media


Andreas B. active for two decades in the BDSM-scene (privately and also as BDSM location- and event organiser), studies in jurisprudence [Mannheim]
Don’t be afraid, they only wanna play – On the necessity and the need for deviance in rules and standards

Michael Böer engineer and owner of a company for power plant technology, member of 1. Croquet Club Südwest, European Championship participant in golf-croquet in 2009 [Mannheim]
On self-administered justice. Fair Play in croquet

Andrea Fuchs broker, institutionalised saleswoman, author of "The Judas Bank" [Frankfurt Main]
Regulated breaching of rules: Customer consultants and brokers walking the tightrope between bank- and customer interests and the law

Prof. Dr. Gunter Gebauer philosopher and sport sociologist, researches the role of games in contemporary society [Berlin]
Breaches of rules in sport, language, business and politics

Bettina Pfeil owner of the event management agency "gastfreundschaft", coach on etiquette, jurist, football fan, connoisseur [Alsbach a.d. Bergstraße]
On interacting with people, or how to charm yourself and other people with a smile

Jonas Zech qualified plumber and croupier, expert for Texas Hold'em Poker, author and educational aid, graduate in German studies and ongoing philosopher [Mannheim]
Between illegality and wealth: From cash-games to tournaments- and online-poker and back to the casino (for advanced and gambling-crazy players)


Thomas Feibel media expert and author, Head of the "Büro für Kindermedien Berlin" (Agency for Media for Children), co-initiator of the prize for software for children TOMMI [Mannheim, Berlin]
Murdering, gore and gaining points: Let’s talk about computer games and violence

Gudrun Kuch councillor for the "Linke Liste“ party, focusing on social politics, education, poverty and child poverty, musician, active for the project "Mannheim against racism" [Mannheim]
You can’t play! – On the obstacles concerning equal opportunity in social and cultural life

Helmut Mann certified social worker at Mannheim’s youth welfare office, board member and teamer of "kehrtwende e.V.“ (“U-turn”), a non-profitmaking organisation for the social integration of juvenile delinquents [Mannheim]
Youths caught between megalomania and the frustration of everyday life, between conforming and assault. Working with juvenile delinquents – a waste of time and money or a cultural necessity?

Christine Rogozanu registrar for Mannheim’s Department of public prosecution, initiator and producer of the hip-hop musical "Changes - Veränderungen brauchen Mut" [Mannheim]
Conflict resolution with the use of creativity: Wishful thinking, resistances and unexpected support

Dr. Albert Schmelzer lecturer at the "Freie Hochschule für Waldorfpädagogik“, founding member of the Free Intercultural Waldorf School in Mannheim-Neckarstadt [Mannheim]
Waldorf teaching methods as the art of education in a global world


Michael P. Himmelsbach president of the Association of Southwest German horse Racing Societies, Honorary President of Baden’s Racing Association Mannheim-Seckenheim, former international show jumper and military-rider [Mannheim]
On horses, jockeys and good punters – The horse racing society

Julia Nierstheimer Flash Mob-master in theatre, film and media studies, works at Mannheim’s National Theatre, marketing dept. / school and theatre [Mannheim]
Flash Mob: On the origins and development of an aesthetic practice made available by open source


Andrea Ebbecke-Nohlen certified psychologist, studies in linguistics and political science, psychological psychotherapist for systemic individual-, couple- and family therapy, Head of the Helm Stierlin Institute Heidelberg, therapy trainer, lecturing supervisor and lecturing coach (hsi/SG) [Heidelberg]
Failure-strategies - or: How can I create new scopes of action for family, partnerships and career?

Prof. Dr. Thomas König professor for international and contrasting international politics, focusing on strategic political analysis at Mannheim University [Mannheim]
Why do political figures act? Which strategies are pursued and with which goals? Examples: financial crisis, climate protection, EU-constitution

Dr. Peter Kurz Mannheim’s Lord Mayor [Mannheim]
Election campaign as a sport: On strategies, which determine the outcome, and mindless tactics

Jonas Zech qualified plumber and croupier, expert for Texas Hold'em Poker, author and educational aid, graduate in German studies and ongoing philosopher [Mannheim]
Between luck and strategy: Rules and insider tips for Texas Hold'em Poker (for beginners and willing players)


Alexander Adolph film director and author [Munich]
On films about con men

Johann Danisch Chief Superintendant of Mannheim’s Criminal Investigation Department, Head of departments for bankruptcy-/property offences, fraud/breach of trust and corruption [Mannheim]
Lies and deception. From fake princes to bogus brides

Prof. Dr. Alexander Kosenina literary scholar, author of books on acting, academic actors and fools, and the actor August Wilhelm Iffland [Mannheim, Hannover]
On academic charlatans

Sophie Sanitvongs artist, assistant to Maria Müller, until she went away on vacation [Mannheim]
Playing with identity

Wolfgang Sautermeister founding member and artistic director of "zeitraumexit", performance and visual artist, guest professor at the Justus-Liebig-University in Gießen [Mannheim]
Cheats - Lies, gambling and deception in the arts


Paul Bach game collector and owner of more than 300 chess games, pensioner, globetrotter [Ludwigshafen]
1. The King and his vizier, and how the rooks became mobile – Chess pieces as representatives of their cultural origin
2. The African coca cola-can car: Toys from a pick-up society

Myriam Holme visual artist, master student of Andreas Slominski, visiting professor for painting at the State Academy for Visual Arts in Karlsruhe [Mannheim, Karlsruhe]
Playing with colours and shapes: The elasticity of material and space

Karl Jung catholic dean in the city of Mannheim [Mannheim]
Mass: History and future of a “holy“ role-play more than 2,000 years old


Prof. Udo Dahmen artistic director and CEO of Baden-Württemberg’s Pop Academy [Mannheim]
Pop Games – On the “flow“ and Mendel’s rules

Prof. Dr. Patrick Primavesi professor at the Institute for Dramatics at Leipzig University, Director of "Tanzarchiv Leipzig e.V.“ [Leipzig]
Theatre/Play between representation and expenditure


Sonja Brünzels author and political activist, released the "Handbook of the Communication Guerrilla" with Luther Blissett [Germany]
Carnival, a game full of ambivalence, is not the revolution. It opens the door to the world of “what if…?”, allowing those who have no wish to be martyrs to enter a world where the game of fantasy makes it appear almost utopian

Dr. Jörn Etzold scientific contributor for the Institute for Applied Drama Studies at Gießen University, author of "The Melancholic Revolution of Guy-Ernest Debord" [Frankfurt Main]
Hide and seek. The international situationists

Peter Mendelsohn "Die PARTEI“, chairman of the State Association of Baden-Württemberg and acting federal chairman, treasurer of Hintner-youth, qualified business economist (BA) [Mannheim]
Visions for Germany - Why we need a wall again

Prof. Dr. Sandra Richter professor for contemporary German literature at Stuttgart University and visiting fellow at King's College London [Stuttgart]
A brave new world. Optimistic blueprints for the future


Gabriela Badura actress at the National Theater Mannheim [Mannheim]
Eternal seduction – A course in flirting

Tilo Dickopp studies in mathematics and informatics, scientific contributor for Chair of Business Informatics III, Dan 3 in GO [Mannheim]
GO. The four rules of the game

Irmela Engelland puppeteer and Head of the amateur puppet project "Kalyptra", expert for marionettes and other puppet types, play therapist with puppets, teacher at special needs school [Altrip, Mannheim]
"Pull all the strings, be a puppet master" – On the magic and charm of marionettes

Prof. Axel Kolaschnik professor for corporate design, corporate identity and brand communication at Mannheim University, faculty for design [Mannheim, Berlin]
The Brand Game: My half-hour with your brand. Bring your own communication resources along!

Christa Krieger certified social pedagogue, amateur theatre actress, storyteller and passionate reader of stories, dialect interpreter, director of the "Freilichtbühne Mannheim“ [Mannheim]
Telling, reading and inventing fairytales

Florian Loycke founder and mastermind behind "Das Helmi", puppet crafter, collective director, poet, composer [Berlin]
You craft me, I’ll craft you, and then we’ll converse! Or: The wonderful world of foamed plastic puppets