Flight Case Archive

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raumlaborberlin (Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius / Florian Stirneman)

Werkbau Berlin (Andrew Plucinski)

Concept, programming of the terminalapplicatios:
Pepe Jürgens, Weltformat.Design, Berlin www.weltformat.de

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Kulturstiftung des Bundes


Flight Case Archive

Since 2004 different film and audio archives with the topic of “Narratives about Places, Cities and Territories” are evolving from the projects of the Mobile Academy, now merged in a transportable archive unit.

Flight Case, Van Abbemuseum, Photo: Peter Cox

Flight Case, Van Abbemuseum

Flight Case, Van Abbemuseum

Flight Case, Bregenz

Flight Case, Steirischer Herbst

Helmut Höge at the opening at HAU

Visitor watching the talk Eyal Weizman and David Cambell/ Space Controll 1 and Matthias Lilienthal listening at a team meeting

Flight Case Archive in the office of HAU2

>> more photos from the openin

From the 5th - 8th of November the Flight Case Archive has been shown in Hamburg, Kampnagel at the Dance Congress 2009

Drawing: Florian Stirnemann - raumlaborberlin


Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge 2005 – 2011
700 talks with experts
(200 hrs./German/English/Polish/Hebrew/Arabic/Finnish)
(online audio archive)

KIOSK for useful Knowledge 2003 - 2011
I. Space Control. 15 dialogues (25 hrs./German/English/Arabic/Netherlands)
II. A life in four hours. An autobiographical experiment in remembrance of the city.
11 narratives
(44 hrs./german/english/turkish)

Night Lesson Nr.1 2008
Joseph Vogl, "On Hesitation"
(1.20 hrs./German/English/Iitalian)

Future Perfect Advice Bureau
5 hours subject-specific individual predictions of experts in future perfect tense
(5 hrs./German)

Film Documentation of the Blackmarkets
(10 films, 10 min. each) in Berlin, Graz, Vienna, Liverpool, Warsaw, Jaffa and the Licence (Mannheim)