film stills : "SILHOUETTES based on the true story of Susanne Sachsse, Marc Siegel, and friends (1999-2009)"

On the Scene of Intimacy - Berlin, December 2009

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Thu. 3rd – Sat. 5th of December 2009

From 7 pm – 11 pm
continuous entry

HAU 1, Stresemannstr. 29, Berlin

Concept & Space:
Mobile Acadamy/Hannah Hurtzig
Installation Design:
raumlaborberlin/Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius, Florian Stirnemann
Project Director Excellence Cluster:
Prof. Dr. Irene Albers, Dr. Markus Edler

Carena Brenner (Research), Ina Driemel (Film Assistance), Susanne Görres (Technical Management), Novina Göhlsdorf (Interviews), Karin Harrasser (Scientific Consultation), Philipp Hochleichter (Stage Manager), Jörg Johow (Camera Silhoutte Film), Ulrich Kalliske/Mathias Kirschke/Florian Fischer (Sound Silhouette Film), Margret Meyer, Annette Heft, Annette Lazai
(Palentypists), Tito Knapp (Sound), Merle Kröger (Cut Silhouette Film), Frauke Luther (Production Management), Hila Peleg (Curatorial Consultation),Thomas Schmidt (Technical Production Management), Daniela Schöler (Archivist), Pit Schultz (Sound Design), Fridjof Vareschi (Production Assistance)

The Musicians
Rabih Mroué, flute
Actor, director, author of theater texts, and performance artist, Beirut
Margarita Zalite, vocals
Performance researcher, speechwriter, singer, Riga

Special thanks to the students of the Graduate School and the eye-tracker-team of the Excellence Cluster “Languages of Emotion”, Stefanie Wenner, Elisabeth Knauf and the colleagues from Hebbel am Ufer, Anja Lindner, Lisa Lucassen & cat, and to Haus der Kulturen der Welt

A project of Mobile Academy at HAU and the Excellence Cluster “Languages of Emotion”, Freie Universität Berlin
Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

On the Scene of Intimacy.
A Phantasmagoria

With a silhouette film, a parlamonium, in the carousel of shadows: the Excellence Cluster “Languages of Emotion” of the Free University Berlin, charismatic counseling: “Cooling Down Passion” and several oxytocinists.

On the 100th Anniversary of Freud in America! ! *
On the 300th Birthday of Étienne de Silhouette! **

There are no adequate words for most feelings. Or vice versa: one always has only those feelings for which one has words, which one defines or interprets. We are thereby constrained to speak in jargon, in the language available to us. Ultimately, then, what is felt seems to correspond to what is formulated. Thus, narrative templates create feelings, assisted by a burgeoning market of consultation and counseling with its therapeutic language terrorism that penetrates into every public and private sphere.

Observe your verbal strategies of self-ascertainment and emotional self-enchantment at the showplace of intimacy!
The new installation of the Mobile Academy presents current scientific and poetic attempts to formulate excitement, affect, and feeling in dialog.

Speech and counter-speech and phantasmagoric word added value at a fair populated by 100 silhouettes!

1 Languages of Emotion
A Shadow Carousel with Scholarly Showpeople

2 20 Silhouettes on the Shade
based on the true story of Susanne Sachsse, Marc Siegel,
and friends (1999-2009)

3 Cooling Down Passion
(or: the end of self-improvement)

Hebbel am Ufer, HAU1
Zeichnung: Florian Stirnemann

* In September 1909, Freud traveled to America. His five lectures at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts made him famous overnight and ignited the international career of psychoanalysis.

** Étienne de Silhouette (born 1709), a protégé of Madame Pompadour, was briefly the French Finance Minister. He was a terrible miser, introducing property tax for the wealthy, reducing pensions, and even attempting to abolish excessive material in clothing. It was said that no paintings hung in his house; instead, he had only money-saving paper cutouts, which were then named for him (he was very gifted at producing these portraits himself). “Á la silhouette” meant stinginess, scantiness, and cheap art.


Watch a 6 min. documentation on youtube